6 each or 3 for 16

Try all 8 cicchetti for 44

Garlic hummus, tahini, cayenne, pumpkin seed dukkah, flatbread

Wood fired halloumi and olives, coriander, goat horn pepper, mint

Fried sardines, garlic aioli, citrus pickles, za’atar

Berbere smoked chicken wings, turmeric yogurt, cilantro

Wood fired dates, chorizo, Mahón, pimentón aioli

Pomegranate muhammara, walnut, Aleppo, flatbread

Lamb dolmas, pine nut, feta, golden raisin, saffron aioli

Beef tartare, cornichon, caper, shallot, quail egg, crostini


Fattoush: gem lettuce, cucumber, red onion, radish, cherry tomato, bell pepper, tahini yogurt, crisp flatbread  12

Wood fired Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, baby turnip, pomegranate, beet labneh, rye  14

Falafel, tomato-eggplant jam, wood fired winter squash, coriander yogurt  18


Balsamic pork short ribs, goat horn pepper, pear, hazelnut braised greens, farro, urfa biber  26

Casarecce, kale-walnut pesto, broccolini, piquillo, ricotta  20

Wood fired half chicken, tomato-ouzo jus, green olive, artichoke, orzo, feta, tomato conserva  26

Kefta burger, harissa ketchup, feta yogurt, butter lettuce, dill pickle, crisp onion, pommes frites  18

Market fish, daily preparation  MP

Steak frites au poivre, bone marrow butter:

8 oz Prime Teres Major  32

Serafina and Cicchetti will now include a 3% surcharge on each guest check. It has always been our goal to provide equitable wages for all members of our team. The entirety of this surcharge is distributed to the back of the house in the form of wages and commissions.