11/9 A review of our Classic Cocktails class featuring cocktail recipes from Serafina and Cicchetti (Heed the Hedonist)

10/26 Serafina and Cicchetti are listed as standout restaurants in Seattle (The Spokesman-Review)

9/2 Serafina is listed as one of the 7 Hottest Italian Restaurants in Seattle (Zagat)

7/1 Serafina is named one of the five best Italian restaurants in the city by Open Table users. (Open Table)

6/30 Serafina’s English Pea Risotto is included in Zagat’s “14 Best Things We Ate This Year (So Far) in Seattle” (Zagat)

5/31 UrbanSpoon blogger, Darren Lamarr writes a restaurant review from his experience at Cicchetti. (Darren Lamarr)

5/20 UrbanSpoon bloggers and top prime users join Cicchetti for a lesson in craft cocktails and tinctures. (Urban Spoon)

5/19 Serafina is included on Zagat’s list of “30 Dishes & Drinks that Define Summer in Seattle” (Zagat)

5/18 Beautiful photos are featured from Cicchetti’s Prime Time Event which was hosted by Urbanspoon for Prime bloggers and users. (Kelli Wong Photography)

4/14 Serafina is included on Zagat’s list of “Seattle’s 6 Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts” (Zagat)

4/14 Serafina is included on Zagat’s list of “Must-Try Spring Vegetable Dishes in the U.S.” (Zagat)

4/7 In a Critic’s Guide to Seattle Restaurant Week, “Serafina wrote the book on sexy” (Seattle Met)

4/2 A Weeknight Wine Pick from Serafina’s Salomon Navarro (Seattle Met)

3/26 Serafina and Cicchetti highlighted as wheelchair-friendly dining establishments. (Spoken Wheel)

3/20 Seattle Tastemakers, Chef Christian and Chef Nate comment on their favorite local pizza restaurants (Seattle Eater)

2/25 A recap of the Tour del Vino dinner with Serafina, Cicchetti and the World Affairs Council (The Wine Economist)

2/19 Cicchetti is mentioned in article titled “20 Formerly Bizarre Foreign Foods That You Should Pretend You Already Knew About” (Huffington Post)

2/11 Serafina’s Executive Chef, Christian Chandler makes pasta for “Chef Secrets” (KCTS 9)

2/11 KCTS Fundraiser, “Chef Secrets” includes Serafina’s Chef, Christian Chandler (Seattle Times)

2/1 Critic’s picks: Serafina and Cicchetti are featured as romantic restaurants for enchanted evenings (Seattle Met)


8/5 Five Questions for Bar Manager Jeremy Barnett (Seattle Met)

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4/15 Serafina’s Cocktail Masters Review (Food Critic, Ron Holden)

4/6 Chef Nate Simmons is interviewed along with Tom Douglass & Thierry Rautureau (Seattle Kitchen Radio)

3/27 Listed as one of 40 Seattle bars “Where the adventurous food is as sophisticated as the artisanal cocktails” (Seattle Met)

3/12 Review and recipe for Cicchetti’s Chocolate Mousse (Cynthia Nims Blog)

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